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Friday, January 8, 2016

What A Child Is Not

A child is a family member. He is a  member of a community. Nay ,he belong to the world,the world belongs to him. He has rights to receive and responsibilities to discharge. Therefore,he should not be denied his rights,nor disallowed to carry out responsibilities.
A child is not to be oppressed. He is not to be cheated. Instead,his place should be recognised in the community as well as the nation and the world.
When the youth are denied the right to education,community development, self expresson and other civic rights,we should know we are running the next generation to ruin.
Children are not tobe abused socialy,emotionaly and psycologicaly. They are not for sexual harasment,illegal advertidement,political instrument,religious sacrifice and other influential illicit activities.
Children are not to be taken for granted. They are not to be ignored. They needs to be given their accorded respect and recognition. They are our future. They will retain our culture,our religion,our ideology,our value,our principle,our phylosophy.
Because of their ironic position in the community,all hands must be on deck to ensure their full establishment as our future adams.
It is our responsibility to guide them to all that will promote their well being and aid their progress,with no discrimination of  where they come from.
We are to guard them against all evils and negative ocurences. Their security lies in our hands.
We are to give them courage to forge fort. They need our support to be successful in their education pursuit.

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