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Thursday, December 3, 2015

What A Child Is

It seems life is incomplete without a child.It is as if everyone has been created with special interest in children upbringing in their blood. Of course this enable the fulfilment of biological principle of continuity as well as heavenly scriptural prophecy.
New born baby is a gift and blessings of nature. It is now left to man to nurture it and thus,reap the consequence of his stewardship.
We may therefore have to explore into  What a child is.
To some,it is just part of life. It has little or no value to engage one in caring of whole-heartedly.
Some consider it worthwhile,while some regard it as an investment to reap at old age.
Child is a gift of nature. It is a means of continuity.through child bearing.we have certainty to everlasting existence of human specie like other living creatures.
It is agreat mistake discriminating among innocent children,when it is incumbent on us to take proper care of them.
They are trust on us,at least to aid the continuity. The Supreme Being wants to see how we are going to tender His special gift. We will surely reap what we sow. For if we do it the right way.we get the blessing attached to it;however if we do it the wrong way,we surfer for it.Nay,not only we reap the consequence,but the whole community,the nation and the whole world,entirely. We can see what is happening everywhere,terrorism.oppression.tyranny and gross of disorderliness, today. These are consequencies of yesterday mismanagement of the children.
Children are more to us than how we handle them.
A child is an asset. Is an ambassador of the parent.

What do you think a child is?let us have your comment.
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